Textalu is an all-in-one solution for sending your business updates

Textalu2 is an all-in-one1 solution for sending your business updates, alerts and promotions to all of your customers via text messages in one simple click. What better way than to stay in touch with your customers via text, but it's not easy. This is where Textalu jumps in to make your life easier by giving you a nice and easy-to-use interface for managing your messages/alerts as well as business contacts all in one place.

Group Messages

Send messages to all your clients or to a selected group of contacts in one single click. You can send a single SMS to thousands of your contacts in under a minute!

Contacts Management

Import contacts from your Google Account or from an Excel file. You can even categorize and seperate your clients to seperate groups, using our streamline interface for contact management.

Customer Sender ID

Sender ID is a personalized name that is shown at the beginning of every message on the recipient’s mobile phone when they receive a message from you. Send all your messages with a custom Sender ID that reflects your brand.

Our purpose is to make you communication with your customers and mobile workforce in a better and easy way.

Gone are the days of you spending hours on voice calls.

Now just communicate via text and save your precious time for more important tasks.